David Brooks’ April 28 column listed seven issues where the Democrats appear to be on the wrong side:

  1. Progressive Democrats have overstimulated the economy, producing the worst inflation in many years.
  2. Law and order is not a racist issue.  One of government’s main jobs is to provide security for the entire population.
  3. Politicizing education has backfired on progressive Democrats.  While the Republicans have politicized education, too, so far the Republicans have broader support for their issues.
  4. Border security is a serious issue.  People perceive that the Democratic party favors a policy on immigration that is too lenient.
  5. “People of color” is not a thing.  Non-white people do not all favor the same policies; they differ like white people do.
  6. Deficits matter.  Current deficits are huge.  If interest rates go higher because of inflation, interest payments will eat up most of the federal budget.
  7. You cannot do a new New Deal.  Just giving away money will not secure election. People have a lot of social concerns about which they may perceive the Republicans as having better solutions.

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