AI Warning
The following is from Fareed Zakaria's Global Briefing newsletter: As
Plesk and AWS
I have been trying to figure out how to host
Bard AI on Nuclear Power
I asked Google's Bard AI app to write a limerick
Scott Adams Cartoons
Since I have been banned from Twitter, I will post
Is This Post Why I Was Banned from Twitter?
If it is, then Twitter has no sense of humor.
Installing HTTPS on AWS Lightsail
If you want to install https security (SSL or TSL)
Suspended on Twitter Again
After having access to Twitter for a few hours this
Musk Kicks Me Off Twitter But Defends Dilbert
Twitter has suspended my account for “breaking the Twitter rules,”
The Economist on AI
A long Economist magazine article on AI examines the pros and cons
AI in Silicon Valley
The Economist magazine reported on how new tech such as
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