AI Warning
AI Warning

The following is from Fareed Zakaria's Global Briefing newsletter:

As The Economist wrote recently, expert views on artificial intelligence are divided: Some say we shouldn’t worry so much about smarter computers wrecking the world; others keep a closer eye on doomsday. As Cade Metz writes for The New York Times, Geoffrey Hinton falls in the latter category. 
A pioneer in the architecture of artificial-intelligence systems, Hinton is now leaving Google and warning of danger. “A part of him, he said, now regrets his life’s work,” Metz writes. Hinton tells Metz: “It is hard to see how you can prevent the bad actors from using it for bad things.” In an interview with the MIT Technology Review’s Will Douglas Heaven, Hinton observes: “These things are totally different from us. … Sometimes I think it’s as if aliens had landed and people haven’t realized because they speak very good English.”

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