Plesk and AWS
Plesk and AWS

I have been trying to figure out how to host websites on Amazon Web Services. It looks like Plesk will be a big help. I am not very literate in Linux; so, coding in Linux is always a problem. Plesk gives you a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes managing websites much easier.

I am not very good in AWS. I am only using Lightsail, which is one of the simplest AWS web hosting options. Lightsail enables you to set up individual WordPress websites easily, and Plesk enables you to set up more than one website and manage them all with Plesk.

In particular it makes setting up https on Lightsail much easier.

As you work in AWS, you can save your work by using snapshots, which make a backup of what you have done so far.

The easiest place to start AWS is probably in Cloud9.

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