Americans Ignore Global Warming
Americans Ignore Global Warming

One of the biggest news stories for the last week has been about how many people are travelling regardless of the cost of gas or jet fuel. Americans are burning fossile fuels like there is no tomorrow. Demand is so high that fuel prices are going through the roof. Climate change is yesterday's issue. People want to see the world before they destroy it with all of their travelling.

Except for electric vehicles, travelling depending almost entirely on fossile fuels. Because renewable energy sources cannot keep up with power demands, even EVs may be running on coal, oil, or natural gas, spewing out carbon dioxide emissions.

I'm all for living a normal, pleasant life, but where are all the greens condeming us for destroying the earth? One bright spot could be more and more EVs running on electricity from nulcear energy which emits no climate warming gases. But in today's energy crisis, more and more EVs depend on electricity generated by fossil fuels.

It is high time to get started building some new nuclear power plants to meet the energy shortage.

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