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Would you like someone to set up a new computer? Install or update computer programs? Check for and repair anti-virus or spyware problems. Install a new hard disk, more memory, a CD-ROM, or other new hardware?

It's not that hard, but it's harder the first time, and there are some tricky issues, for example, choosing the correct type of memory for your computer.  If you are adding a new hard disk or CD ROM drive that means you have a total of three or more drives on your computer, you may have to make sure that your IDE/EIDE drive is correctly configured for a master and a slave drive, or that your SCSI connection is properly set up.  Or, it may just be too much trouble to open up the case and work with all those small parts.

In any case, the Computer Handyman will be glad to help.

If you want computer memory to install yourself, try