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Computer Handyman


Need some work on your PC?
Hardware or software:
The Computer Handyman can help.


In the Denver metropolitan area, the Computer Handyman is available for any type of PC work:

InstallationsComputer installations, Y2K problems or routine maintenance,

TrainingInternet web sites or connections,

TrainingSet up or tune up small networks,

Developing databases or other customized computer applications,

Training on office applications, 

Bookkeeping on QuickBooks,

Bulk mailing or other non-routine office matters,

Adding the Linux operating system,

Any other type of computer consulting.

Just as you might need a handyman to do repairs or painting in your home or office, you might also need someone to keep your computers working smoothly and productively.

Would you like someone to set up a new computer? Install or update computer programs? Check for and repair Y2K problems. Install a new hard disk, more memory, a CD-ROM, or other new hardware? Help you get on the Internet? Add Linux to your system? Standardize periodic backups of your data? I am also available to do bookkeeping, or to handle other computer-related office chores that are too unusual or too time consuming for you or your permanent office staff. I would like to be the computer handyman that you call. 

I have spent more than 20 years working with computers. I was the computer systems manager for an office with over one hundred users, for which I completed a course in computer systems management. In addition, I have a degree in mathematics, and I have recently been "A+ Certified" by the Computing Technology Industry Association.